Runaways Legacy 4.860

Nighty-night, Simmies!

Poor Shauna-Cat, lol.  She’s finally found some peace and quiet from the three little sims who love to chase after her and give her loving.

After much thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to take an extended break from posting my stories.  I’ve been playing this legacy for over 2 years and my others for well over a year.  I feel as if I’ve hit a creative wall and need to just play my game with a new sim and allow my creativity to take a break.

I hope to resume posting my babies soon!  Thank you for reading their stories.

Runaways Legacy 4.858

Nighty-night Sal!

You’ll need your rest so you can get into more trouble tomorrow.  He’s a charmer and he seems to already be able to charm his way out of getting punished for the trouble he causes.  So far, it’s just been making messes.  Maybe he’ll out grow it?  LOL

Runaways Legacy 4.857

Nighty-night sweet Sophia!

She takes after her great-grandmother, Sophie.  Sophia is very loving and is always giving hugs to her family and Shauna-Cat.

Salvador (Sal) takes after his dad and is a trouble maker.  Sadie takes after her mother and is very adventurous.  She was the first one (and so far the only one) to go exploring.  She has gone downstairs and even into their backyard to play (it was too dark for screens).

Runaways Legacy 4.855

Sadie:  …And I found Kitty downstairs!

Sal:  What was she doing down there?

Sadie:  I don’t know.  I think kitty got lost and was probably lonely without us.

Sal:  I’d be lonely without us!

Sadie:  Me, too!

Runaways Legacy 4.854

And what did Sadie discover?

Shauna-Cat’s hiding place!

She doesn’t look very happy over being found and jumped up on her climbing “house” to escape the toddler.

Sadie climbed back up the stairs to tell her brother what she’d found downtairs.