Jungle Adventure Relics Guide

Source:  Carl’s

So I’m mostly posting this for myself so I can get all 27 flavors of this….

For those of you who want a skeleton assistant to arrive at your sims house?  Look down at the line I put in bold under the llama relics category.



Base Type:  Balampalsoh Chaos Relic – Blessing of New Relationships

Common Crystal:  Your Sim will make one random friend.
Uncommon Crystal:  The Sim will make two random friends.
Rare:  This is even more powerful, bringing your Sim a total of four new friendships.

Base Type:  Balampalsoh Death Relic – Blessing of Skeletal Transmogrification

Common Crystal:

Your Sim transform into a skeleton. Others may fear you, but you’ve got a strong benefit: hunger, bladder, energy, and hygiene are locked. You’ll be in this form for 12 hours.

Uncommon Crystal:  The blessing now lasts a full day.


The blessing is further extended to two days.

Base Type:   Balampalsoh Watcher Relic – Blessing of Wealth

Common Crystal:  Activating the relic gives the Sim $25… Might be better just to paint.

Uncommon Crystal:  

Now you’re talking – $125.


$500 Simoleons, just for activating a relic. That should take care of the bills.



Base Type:  

Totecallam Chaos Relic – Curse of the Food Mirage

Common Crystal:  

The Sim will be heavily dazed. They’re seeing food everywhere, but none of it is edible! The curse can be cured by eating what they crave. For this level, it’s Selvadoradian food.

Uncommon Crystal:  

The Sim may want higher quality Selvadoradian food instead.

Rare:   The Sim’s curse can be removed by eating pancakes.

Base Type:  

Totecallam Death Relic – Blessing of the Skeleton Assistant

Common Crystal:  

A skeleton assistant will arrive to help you at home. It makes your Sim tense, but has the ability to repair objects, clean, and take care of many things around the home.

Uncommon Crystal:  

The skeleton will no longer make your Sims tense while nearby.


Instead of making Sims tense, your Sims are happy to have the Skeletal Assistant around and even get a bonus of faster skill gains!

Base Type:  

Totecallam Watcher Relic – Curse of the Ancients

Common Crystal:  

This is contagious. The Sim will sneeze at random, possibly interfering with activities. See bottom of guide for the cure.

Uncommon Crystal:  

The afflicted Sim will occasionally scream.


The rare version of the curse puts Sims to sleep at random times throughout the day.



Base Type:  

 Zazatotl Chaos Relic – Curse of Greedy Needs

Common Crystal:  

The Sim will suffer occasional motive drops.

Uncommon Crystal:  

The curse worsens, now slowing need recovery by 20% in all cases, worse for hygiene and social but even crazier for bladder. You’ll need to pee twice as long!


This is nuts. Your needs decay twice as fast, and in order to dispel the curse you either wait it out (3 days meanwhile the Sim is uncomfortable) or need to get your Sim to max/super happy all at once. Tip: do social > sleep > fun > hygiene > food and hit up a toilet. Something like that should help. Higher fun objects would speed it up a tad.

Base Type:  

Zazatotl Death Relic – Marked for Death

Common Crystal:  

The target Sim is marked with a curse that electrocutes them. One zap might not do it, but many can. Use Faraday Fizz to help the Sim, or see if the statue at the marketplace (the girl with a basket near the vendors) can help. You may also order antidote with a computer.

Uncommon Crystal:  

The Sim may burst into flames after a time. Again, antidote from the computer can be helpful according to the game code.


The Sim is poisoned and has but three days to live, as if bitten by a spider in the jungle.

Base Type:  

Zazatotl Watcher Relic – Curse of the Personal Raincloud

Common Crystal:  

A cloud of sadness follows the Sim. Make them happy to cure it. 

Uncommon Crystal:  

An even worse cloud, now with lightning!


The cloud causes mood swings in the Sim. The Sim must be made Very Happy to cure it, or else seek some other means (see below).

Click the link at the top of this post to see how to assemble and activate the relics.  Also, remedies and cures.

How to set up an interesting save

I thought I’d share how I set up my base save to make my worlds more interesting.  I can’t stand EA pre-mades.  To me, they’re sort of like the town bikes.  Everybody takes a ride on them.  I prefer having unique sims.  Also, pre-mades just aren’t all that interesting.

Tools needed:

MC Command Center
Free Club Perks

Step 1:

Have an empty world (no sims in it other than the required homeless sim) that you’ve set up to fit your game play needs.  Things like community lots, houses, etc.

There should be nothing else in your saves folder but a copy of this save. Start out by deleting everything in your saves folder (be sure you copy/pasted the contents elsewhere first).  Then set up this empty world.  Copy/paste a copy of the files of this save somewhere else.  Never use the original, always use copies.

Step 2:

Create at least 20 households in CAS.  Make them interesting and mix it up.   Have single parents, same gender parents, opposite gender parents and give them all children and teens.  Try to make the number of genders even.  Be sure to create at least two single households – 8 single men and 8 single females. 

Side note:  I actually have 35 households with 3 single men and 3 single female households but don’t want to overwhelm you guys.

Step 2:

In an empty world (just delete all the pre-mades and this isn’t that world you created in step 1), use the free real estate cheat to place all these households. 

Using MCCC (or the career cheats): go into each household and give these sims jobs.  Try to match the sims looks and traits to those jobs.  Also, give them different levels to make things interesting.   One of these sims should be a level 10 doctor and another a level 10 detective.  The game will use these sims in those roles.

Save the game and exit.  

Delete the contents of your tray folder (they’re in your save, so no worries).

Go back into the game and save all these sims via household management.

Copy/paste the contents in your tray folder into a folder outside your TS4 folder.  Label it something like “townies”.  

Don’t delete the contents of your tray folder.  These are your townies with their careers and stuff.

Step 3:

Go into your saves folder and copy/paste the contents somewhere else till you’re done (in case something gets messed up).  Delete the contents in your saves folder. Copy/paste the files from the save you created in step 1 into your saves folder.  

This is going to be your master base save. 

Be sure that every time you go into your base save that the game is paused, you don’t want it to go past 8 am so it’s a true start save.

Go into your game and using the free real estate cheat, place your townies where you want them to live.  Be mindful of using up all the “good” lots because you’ll want to save those for YOUR sims.  I put my townies in tiny lots that I know I won’t be using for my sims.

Go into each household and put them into clubs that have specific meeting locations and specific things they do.  This is where the free club perks mod is used, it allows you to put up to 8 members in each club without actually playing them.

Make this interesting, think about things like making clubs that hate each other and fight (detective and criminal clubs?).

My clubs are like this:

  • Teen clubs
  • Child clubs
  • Singles clubs (that meet at the night club and flirt, dance, etc).
  • Career club (I usually have them meet somewhere that helps their career, like my politicians will meet at a cafe and one of their activities will be to give speeches).
  • Couples club (all those married couples you made?  Put them in a club with their spouse and have them meet at a lounge.  Have them do romantic activities ONLY with their club member (their spouse).  Then when your sim goes out?  It’ll be like other sims are on dates.)
  • And so on……the idea is to have clubs meeting at every community lot and doing things so it looks active when your sim goes to visit.

Before you leave the household, use the relationship cheat or MCCC to make friends, enemies, and lovers.  You’ll want to make sure all household members have high friend (or romantic) levels so they will interact with one another at community lots.  Make sure your club members are friends for the same reason.

Once you’re done setting everything up, save and exit your game.

Copy/paste the contents of your save folder into a folder titled something like “Base Populated Save”.  

Delete the contents of your tray folder (sims are already placed and you made a copy of the contents anyways in step 2).

Go back into the game and place your active sim wherever and enjoy your unique and lively world!

Side note:  If you get bored with your townies?  Just pop in a copy of that base world you created and go into household management (nothing else should be in your saves folder but this save).  Change the names and looks of your sims.  Change the genders, whatever.  Just don’t delete them!  That gives you new townies without having to set anything up.

Copy/paste this changed save into another folder labeled something like “Base Populated Save V2″.

Ask if you have any questions and sorry for the length of this, was trying to be as clear as possible.

Doctor Career….


I’ve been playing it for a week and have had a blast!

Coolspear “doctor career re-imagined” mod makes it so much fun and also bypasses many of the active career bugs that EA hasn’t bothered to fix.

If anybody is interested in the lot (it is a modified version of the EA lot that I found on the gallery.  I have modified it over the past week of playing it so it works right with the mod and the bugs EA created.  I prefer this lot because the person modified the EA one so your sim doctor doesn’t need to chase their butt all over the place to do things.) just give me a holler via ask or message.

Some tips:

  • Reset the patient if your doctor goes to admit them to a hospital bed and everybody stands around with their thumbs up their butts and doing nothing.
  • Make sure there is only ONE surgical bed on the lot.  If there is more than one, the patient will get up from the surgical bed in the middle of the surgery and move to the next bed.  This breaks the entire procedure and glitches out the game.
  • Reset the coworker if they are using the equipment your sim needs.
  • After sending a patient for testing (treadmill, x-ray) cancel your sim from readmitting them to a bed and have them do something on their phone.  The patient will find their own way back to the same bed and your doctor can continue from that point.  Otherwise, your doctor will enter into a fatal loop of trying to admit the patient into occupied beds.
  • Kinsley started at level 4 because of her backstory.  She’s supposed to be a resident.  I used the connections reward for her.  I don’t know if this was a factor in making the career work right or not.

Feel free to ask if you aren’t sure what combination of his mods to use or need some help.  

Kinsley is now level 7 and well on her way to getting that elusive level 8 (requires 3 successful surgeries and this takes days without cheating because surgeries are rare.  She’s done two).


How to Recategorize CC

Recently, I went through my skin details and recategorized them so I could overlay them.  I put all my skins in the “mouth crease” category, all my cleavage enhancers went into the “forehead” category, all my scars went into the “freckles” category……and so on.

I thought you guys might like to know how to do this yourselves?  

I’m going to show you how using @luumia body hairs.  If you use these as is, then you won’t be able to use the full sleeve onto the chest tattoo’s that came with City Living since they are in the same category.

I’m going to move them to ankle because most of our Sim guys don’t have ankle tattoo’s.

  1. Download Sims 4 Studio (clicky click)
  2. Copy/Paste (so you don’t mess up the original) your package into a folder where you can find it easily.  Mine is in a “working CC folder” and then by the name of the package.
  3. Open the package with S4S and then navigate over to the categories tab.
  4. Under “outfit type”, select “tattoo leg, right”, then click on the “apply to all swatches” button.  Click “Yes” and “OK” in the popup windows.
  5. Scroll down to “save” and done!

Now you can move around all your skin details, tattoos, whatever so you can play around with overlaying them and creating unique looks.  You cannot have both packages in your game, CHOOSE ONE.

I suggest organizing them like mine are so you know what you have placed where.


Setting up your save to control Vampires.

OK so I finally managed to get into my Runaways Legacy save and fixed things up for vampires.

You guys know that we did some extensive testing on how to KEEP THE VAMPIRES OUT OF YOUR HOMES.  I did that because people seem to think this completely stops the spawning of vampires.  I said it doesn’t in that post, I hope people paid attention to that part.

Anyways……this is what I did, if anybody wants to follow suit.

1 – I deleted all the EA premade vampires and made my own vampire family.

2 – I used the vampire cheats here to make the YA male a Grand Master Vampire.  The other vampires (teen to adult) all have the Master Vampire ranks.

3 – The Grand Master Vampire is the only one who can turn sims (give this vampire that reward using the cheat).  They all were given the sun resistant vampire reward (using the cheats).  This reward can only be given to master vampires on up.  I saw too many posts of NPC vampires dying in the sun, lol.  I don’t want my carefully created townie vampires dying!  None of them got the “eternally welcome” reward so they can’t enter homes.

4 – I used the debug cheat in the buy menu and placed a garlic bulb in each of my sims inventories.  Then I hung garlic from their doors.  I also added the “private” lot trait.

All this was done so that I have control of my story!  I don’t like when EA dictates to me how I should play my game.  This gave me control of the vampires back.

It is important to note that vampires WILL BITE YOUR SIMS (but won’t turn them) out in the town.  Guru Ninja told me that in a PM.  So….stick that garlic in their inventories and they will be left alone.

Hope this helps somebody so they can enjoy the GP and have control of those vampires.  

Please reblog for those who want more control of the vampires.  Thanks!

TS4 Tutorial:  Maintaining Family Relations – New Save

If you are like me and are a multi-generational rotational player, then you live in fear of the day that your save gets corrupted.  I’ve figured out how to save your families to the tray and move them to a new save.

I have to warn you that it is involved and perhaps there is an easier way to do this but it’s the way I do it and how it works for me.

I’ll be using my Chaisson Legacy save as an example because they are the largest and most extended.

Tools/Mods needed:

MC Command Center (Download all of it for now and you can remove it once you’re done)

Step 1:

In CAS, put the original family members together as much as possible. 

In my case that means moving Mercy and Luna Marie back in with their mother, grandmother, sister, brother and their step father.  Their husbands (and the children) will be moved back in with their families.  If you don’t have enough room, then move out any sims that you’re OK with possibly losing a relationship (like step families, distant relatives or Sims that aren’t all that important to your legacy)

Current household management families:


Households after moving sims around according to step 1, the marriages and children are easier to fix than grandparents, uncles/aunts, cousins…..


Step 2:

Save these new households to your tray so you can alter their relationships in CAS outside the save.  You are not allowed to do this in the save without a bunch of hassle.

Open your library to make sure the households you want are there.

Exit the game without saving so the changes you made don’t take.

Check in CAS (outside the save) to make sure the relationships are as you want them.  This is my Chaisson family without their spouses and children.


Step 3:

Start your new glitch free save and place your households.  Once placed, move the Sims out of their family households and into the ones with their spouse and children.  

Next you will be repairing those relationships using a combination of MCCC and the Sim ID/cheat.  As you can see, Mercy is not related to her own children and barely knows them.  Have to fix that.


Step 4:

Left click on your sim (Mercy in my case) and select “modify in CAS”.  As you can see, you can make him her husband but you can’t make them her children!  That’s where MCCC comes in…..


Click the check mark to make him her husband and then go back to live mode by clicking the check mark and play.  You are now going to fix her relationships with her family.

Have Mercy selected and then click on her (again MCCC is needed for this step) and do each of the following (click each box in order):

MC Command Center / Relationship / Add Relationship / Primary Sim

Next select one of her children and do the same but this time make the child secondary sim:

MC Command Center / Relationship / Add Relationship / Secondary Sim

If you did it right, it will look like the below screen:


Now select “add relationship” but pay attention to who is the primary Sim and who is the secondary sim.  Select son because this is what is happening to her.  You should see little green pluses show up over their heads.  You can also double check the relationships panel and see that she just gained a son!


Do this for all her children till she’s gained them all back.  Do this by having her selected and then clicking on each child and making each one secondary (like I did with Rhys).  Add each one as her son/daughter.  Hover over their faces in the relationship panel to make sure it shows.

Now to repair their relationship levels.  You will again be using MCC and the relationships.

MC Command Center / Relationships / Set Active Relationship Levels / Set Active Friendly / Choose the level you want


So now she’s got her relationship back with her family but the kids don’t have any grandparents!  You will need to get the SIM ID and use the relationship add cheat to repair this.

Step 5:

Get the SIM ID by opening up the cheat menu (CTRL+Shift+C), type in testing cheats true into the bar, then copy/paste the below into the bar to get each SIM ID

sims.get_sim_id_by_name (first name) (last name)

Without the ( ) so in the case of the children’s grandmother, it would be like the below:

sims.get_sim_id_by_name Adelaide Crain

Write down the entire number and get the ID for every grandchild.


Step 6:

Now you are going to use the cheat to add in their relationship.  Type in the below into that cheat bar.

relationship.add_bit {yoursimID} {targetsimID} {relationship}

The options for relationship that can’t be repaired in CAS are as follows (you can also do this in MCCC using the add relationship but I’ve found that it doesn’t always “take” for grandparents/grandchildren):


Adding Adelaide as Remy’s grandmother would look as follows (have the sim that is ‘your sim’ and the one you are adding the relationship selected when doing this.  Keep in mind that Adelaide is HIS grandparent):


Do this for each grandchild and check the family tree after each one to see if it took.  Remember, have the sim you want selected as you add them.  Then switch to the next one.  I’m going to go over to Gabe’s household to add him as Adelaide’s grandchild.


So, when I went over to check on Keahi and Luna I ran into a problem where it shows Keahi as having another unknown wife.  It wouldn’t let me make Luna his wife.  Again, use MCCC to fix this.

Testing cheats true

MC Command Center / Check Sim Info / Marriage / Marry Luna Johnson Only


Step 7:

Now that I’ve got the family trees looking the way I want.  I will be moving Adelaide into each of her grandchildren’s homes and following STEP 4 to make them all friends.

When I moved Adelaide in with Mercy/Remington and added the friendship relationship, I sat that while she shows in the relationship panel as the children’s grandmother that they don’t show in hers as her grandchildren.

I will follow STEP 6 to add them to her relationship.  This time the relationship will be family_grandchild since they are HER grandchildren and her Sim ID will be the first one.  

Note:  Sometimes it will only show the relationship in the genealogy but not the relationship panel.  For example, when I added Gabriel it showed both ways in the relationship panel.  Yet, when I added Remy, Rhys, Riley it only showed her as their grandmother but it never showed them as her grandchildren.  It’s a glitch in the panel since it shows in the tree.  

Do this for all the families and you’ll have them repaired.   It won’t show some cousins, aunts/uncles UNLESS they were saved originally together and repaired in CAS outside the save.  It will show the grandparents, though.  If you remember to add them in order (grandparents on down) then you have a better chance of having the aunts/uncles showing.

ASK if you have any questions!