Doctor Career….


I’ve been playing it for a week and have had a blast!

Coolspear “doctor career re-imagined” mod makes it so much fun and also bypasses many of the active career bugs that EA hasn’t bothered to fix.

If anybody is interested in the lot (it is a modified version of the EA lot that I found on the gallery.  I have modified it over the past week of playing it so it works right with the mod and the bugs EA created.  I prefer this lot because the person modified the EA one so your sim doctor doesn’t need to chase their butt all over the place to do things.) just give me a holler via ask or message.

Some tips:

  • Reset the patient if your doctor goes to admit them to a hospital bed and everybody stands around with their thumbs up their butts and doing nothing.
  • Make sure there is only ONE surgical bed on the lot.  If there is more than one, the patient will get up from the surgical bed in the middle of the surgery and move to the next bed.  This breaks the entire procedure and glitches out the game.
  • Reset the coworker if they are using the equipment your sim needs.
  • After sending a patient for testing (treadmill, x-ray) cancel your sim from readmitting them to a bed and have them do something on their phone.  The patient will find their own way back to the same bed and your doctor can continue from that point.  Otherwise, your doctor will enter into a fatal loop of trying to admit the patient into occupied beds.
  • Kinsley started at level 4 because of her backstory.  She’s supposed to be a resident.  I used the connections reward for her.  I don’t know if this was a factor in making the career work right or not.

Feel free to ask if you aren’t sure what combination of his mods to use or need some help.  

Kinsley is now level 7 and well on her way to getting that elusive level 8 (requires 3 successful surgeries and this takes days without cheating because surgeries are rare.  She’s done two).