Runaways Legacy 4.522

Random screens of my Delgado Legacy sims.

Chief of Staff, Kinsley strolls past.  She’s followed by her husband, Police Chief Gabe.

Their daughter Hope is dating Alexander who was all smile as he strolled past.  Wish I could say the same for his dad, Anthony!  He really had to pee.  Don’t you let your detectives take breaks, Gabe?  LOL.  They’re best friends and have been for a very long time.

Runaways Legacy 4.521

Random screens of my legacy sims.

I didn’t know Natalia was so into fishing!  I don’t even know where she gets it from since her parents are not outdoorsy.  Evi would rather gut a sim than a fish!  Dani just smiles because she loves fishing and even took her youngest siblings out with her once to teach them how.  I suspect she had something to do with this!

Remy and his girlfriend, Mac out for a stroll.  They like to walk past whatever lot I’m in over and over.  I think it’s to remind me that they haven’t been played in a little while and they are anxious to start their family.

Runaways Legacy 4.520

You know you’re a crazy helicopter relative when you literally take a seat at the bench across from the park and stay there the whole time the children are playing.

Well, at least Paisley and Sera got kisses from their husbands for being so overly protective.  When Brand showed up, Remington left and was replaced by Mercy.  It’s almost as if the evil Crime Boss didn’t want to be around a good detective…heh heh.

Runaways Legacy 4.519

And the March of the Helicopter Relatives continues….

I’m not sure what Renegade is doing here since technically none of these children are his relative.  Maybe just getting in the practice for when it’s one of his children out here.

Renegade:  “Marisol is my niece through marriage so I’m watching her.  Also, maybe someday Ana and Nik will be my relatives as well through marriage.”

Sim Goddess:  “Kind of jumping the gun a little there, aren’t you?  I haven’t decided if I like you and her together just yet.”

Renegade just smiles because my sims have minds of their own and he’s been sniffing around Natalia lately.

Sophie’s looking kind of crazy at the idea of adding even more evil criminals to her family!  And then there is Keahi, I swear nothing bothers this laid back sim.  He’s a true artist.

Runaways Legacy 4.518

You know, Dante?  You wouldn’t be so bored if you’d just stay home.  I mean, with every single adult relative of these children at the park?  I think they’re very well protected.

It’s almost as if these sims don’t trust their Sim Goddess to take care of their babies.

Brad:  “Well, you did have my Sophie kidnapped as a teen.  Also my grandchildren Daniella, Natalia, Shane, and Shauna were nearly kidnapped by a vampire when they were children and teens.”

Remy:  “And you did have Elizabeth gunned down by my grandfather when she was a teen and nearly died.”

Dani:  “And don’t forget that you had my great grandmother kidnap my mom and take her to an alien planet where mom tried to kill her…”

Sim Goddess:  “Well, if you’re going to spell it out like that….”

Dante:  “We could go on.”

Runaways Legacy 4.517

Wait, the legacy children are at the park?

Then it must be time for the March of the Helicopter Relatives!

Right on cue, here they come with Remington and Mercy leading the charge.  Kinsley didn’t seem very happy that Hope was making a new friend.  Faith doesn’t come from the kind of family that the Police Chief and Chief of Staff want their daughter befriending.  Just wait till they find out about Emily Grace and Nikolai *snickers*.

Runaways Legacy 4.516

Marisol and Emily Grace are wearing the same suit, oops.  LOL.  This wasn’t an issue when they were in separate saves.  Oh well, little girls often wear the same outfits as their besties.  So, I’m not going to change it.