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Runaways Legacy History

(Under Construction, will eventually include a family tree)

Generation 1

Caleb + Rafael, Sophie + Brad

17 year old Caleb met 8 year old Sophie while they were in a foster home together.  They became best friends with Caleb viewing Sophie as his younger sister.  When Caleb turned 18, he took Sophie with him to protect her from being abused by their foster parents.   He knew that the “dad” molested the female children once they got to a certain age and he wouldn’t be there to protect Sophie from that happening to her.

On the run (since technically Caleb did kidnap Sophie!), he forged some documents to purchase them a cheap trailer on a secluded island.  He became a male hooker to support them.  He had no other way of making money because he was scared the police would discover them and take Sophie away if he tried any sort of legitimate work.

Eventually, Caleb met an older rock star diva, Rafael.  Rafael became obsessed with young Caleb and wanted to have “exclusive” access to him.  When Caleb refused, Rafael blackmailed him by threatening to have Sophie taken away.  He even went so far as to adopt Sophie so he could control Caleb.

Rafael moved Caleb and Sophie to a house in Newcrest.  During the welcome wagon while Caleb was busy entertaining his neighbors, 18 year old Brad Rosenberg met 8 year old Sophie.  This came about because I had left her upstairs coloring while Caleb was busy with the welcome wagon.  When I went to check on her, it was just in time to see Brad and Sophie hugging.  Evil Brad seemed fascinated with sweet and gentle Sophie.  He stopped by all the time and spent his time with her.  When she became a teen, their friendship grew even stronger.

Once Caleb finished high school, he and Rafael married.  They seemed to be in love at this point and decided to make their relationship permanent.  Rafael had changed and wasn’t as self-centered (or did he?).  Caleb adopted Sophie and the couple had more children who now live “somewhere else”  (LOL).

Meanwhile, Rafael’s crazy ex-wife was seething with jealousy and rage.  She had kept Rafael drugged up so she could enjoy his lifestyle without having to deal with him.  She preferred her countless male and female lovers over Rafael.  All she wanted was his fame and money and in her mind, it was the fault of Caleb and Sophie that she no longer had it.  She began stalking Sophie and sending her creepy text messages.  Eventually disguised as a clown, she kidnapped 17 year old Sophie.  She had every intention of killing Sophie as a way to punish Rafael.  What Harley didn’t count on was Sophie’s strong will to survive.  Sophie fought for her life and wound up killing Harley.  Sophie was so traumatized by this that she had to be sent to an institution for a few years to recover.

Brad has been in love with Sophie since she became a teen and had been waiting for her to get older to declare himself.  During her recovery, he stayed at her side as much as he could while still working as a Secret Agent.  During all this, Caleb has matured and is no longer the young and obedient boy that Rafael married.  This change in Caleb has caused some strain in their marriage.  However, Caleb is devoted to his husband and has somehow managed to hold their marriage together.

Eventually, Sophie returns home and she marries Brad.  They have twin girls; Evangeline and Seraphina along with twin boys Micah and Malachi.  Brad has always called Sophie his angel so they named their children after angels.  Evi was born “different”.  She has white hair, pale skin that was very sensitive to the sun when she was younger, and silvery eyes.  The doctors could find no reason for this and since Sophie’s family/medical history is unknown, they figured it most come from one of her parents.

Generation 2

Evangeline + Dragus, Seraphina + Brand, Micah, Malachi

Rafael has never gotten over the feeling of Sophie being kidnapped so he hires the Chekalova Security Consulting Firm as bodyguards for his grandchildren.  Sera goes along with this peacefully, knowing that making a fuss will just make it harder on everybody.  Evi isn’t as agreeable!  8 year old Evi gave 21 year old Dragus a hell of a hard time.  She was resentful that he shadowed her every move and she couldn’t get into any mischief with him right there!  Eventually though they became close friends due to Dragus’ quiet patience and understanding.  When Evi turned 16, Dragus realized that he loved her being a good and moral man, he tried to leave and do the right thing.  He didn’t want to risk having a weak moment and giving in to his feelings for her.

Meanwhile, Evi is discovering why she’s “different”.  She has just become a full alien and doesn’t understand everything is going on.  She’s confused and starts to think she’s going crazy due to disturbing dreams that she’s been having.  In her dreams, there is an older white haired woman who keeps talking to her on some foreign planet.   She doesn’t tell anybody about this and has half convinced herself that the dreams are due to eating bad food before bedtime!

When Dragus buys her a star for her birthday and then tells her that he has to go away because he’s in love with her.  Evi begs him to kiss her.  Then she unknowingly uses her alien powers to seduce him!  Dragus leaves the next day but not before telling her grandfathers why he is leaving.  Rafael throws a fit and threatens to destroy Dragus and his family’s company if he so much as contacts Evi again.  Dragus had promised that he would contact Evi while he’s away and they would stay in touch till he could return.  She is hurt and confused when he doesn’t.  Her twin, Sera, take’s it upon herself to verbally attack Dragus’ twin brother, Stefano to get the truth out of him.

Livid at what she considers a betrayal by Rafael, Evi contacts the local news and tells them all about Rafael and his secrets.  How he had blackmailed a teen boy into becoming his lover.  How he had helped in the kidnapping of Sophie.  How he had a past as a drug addict and alcoholic who enjoyed the company of male teen hookers.  Then being Evi, she told her grandfathers what she had done and why.

This resulted in a family feud that raged for years!

Sera has felt that her parents only cared about Evi and didn’t even notice her.  To her, all she saw was that her parents were willing to forgive Evi of everything she ever did wrong!  She didn’t even get in trouble for being so evil!  They supported Evi, no matter what sort of awful things she did.  Out of hurt and anger, Sera sided with Rafael against Evi.

During all this, Thania steps out of Evi’s dreams and shows up at their house.  She is there to claim Evi and take her back to Sixam “where she belongs as a full alien.”  Evi (again being her), curse the other woman out and earns a lecture from her parents for it.  She can’t believe that this person turned her back on Sophie because “she wasn’t a full alien and therefore not good enough.”  That she would have the nerve to return once it was revealed that she (Evi) is “good enough.”  So, when she is taken to Sixam (against her will), Evi kill her grandmother.  Only Sera knows what happened and in spite of their fight, Sera has never told another soul because she agrees with Evi on this one thing.

Meanwhile, Dragus discovers he is pregnant and he goes off to have his child on his own.   He knows that with his father being married to Rafael’s daughter that it just complicated things even more.  He is also angry that Evi forced him into doing something that went against his morals.   He had never wanted to have sex with a teenage girl, even if he did love her.  So he stayed away and he kept their daughter away from her mother.  Not only because he was angry but also because Evi is a criminal (level 10 oracle now) and he didn’t think she was a good influence.

Eventually, Daniella can’t take her father moping around anymore.  It’s very clear to her that he still loves her mother and she sets out with the help of her friends to reunite her parents.  Things are pretty rough for Evi and Dragus at first.  Evi is livid that Dragus would think such an awful thing of her.  Dragus realizes his mistake almost instantly but it takes him a long time to get Evi to forgive him.

Eventually she does forgive him and they get engaged and have another daughter and shortly after, they get married.  Sera decides to put her hurt feelings aside and asks Evi to end their argument because she wants to be “Auntie Sera” and be a part of Daniella’s life (this is done before Natalia is born).

Things seem better for everybody on the surface.

That is till Caleb and Rafael decide to separate.   Rafael is upset that Caleb isn’t the same boy that he married.  Caleb is upset that Rafael isn’t willing to at least speak to Evi and attempt to end their feud.

Meanwhile, Sera is having an existential crisis brought on by her feelings of jealousy and neglect over her parents intense focus on her twin, Evi.  Once she becomes a young adult, Sera accepts a job with the San Myshuno basketball team mostly to get away from her family.  She also develops an alcohol addiction.  Her father asks some of his co-workers to keep an eye on his daughter, unbeknownst to her.   Sera meets Detective Brand McDaniels on her first day in her apartment.  He is her next door neighbor!  She and Brand become good friends.  Brand wants to help Sera, he realizes rather quickly two things.  One that she has an alcohol addiction and two, that he loves her.

Sera’s addiction get to the point where she has a drunken confrontation with Evi that results in Evi giving her a black eye.  This event is what leads to Brand realizing that he can’t help Sera on his own.  The problem is more than he can handle and he works on getting Sera to admit that she needs help.  She eventually does, however, she isn’t ready to face her family.  She doesn’t even tell them about her addiction or her time spent in a facility to dry out and recover.  On her wedding day, she and Evi finally have a long talk. Sera tells Evi that she was jealous of all the attention she got.  Evi is stunned because she’s been jealous of all the freedom that Sera had while she was constantly being nagged at and grounded by their parents!  The sisters make up and put the past behind them.

While this is going on, Rafael confronts Caleb and tries to get them back together.  In the heated moment, he lets out that he is the reason that Dragus and Evangeline were apart for so long.  Evangeline over hears and tries to attack Rafael.  The men in her family keep them apart.  It’s all too much for Sophie and Caleb and they officially sever all ties to Rafael.

As one marriage began, another officially ended.

Sera and Brand give birth to the twins Shane and Shauna and then eventually Brady who is named after Brad.  Evi and Dragus eventually give birth to the twins, Nikolai and Anastasia as an act of defiance against their Sim Goddess.

Generation 3

Daniella + Ryan, Natalia, Anastasia, Nikolai, Shane, Shauna + Sylas, Brady

Generation 4