Runaways Legacy 4.567

Sophie:  “You know, I’m just not really sure this is my thing.  I’m so worried about hitting a sim.”

Brad:  “Just give it another try, never hurts to try new things out.  If you don’t like it, you can always go and play your violin instead.”

Sophie tosses the shoe and watches it miss completely….

Sophie laughing:  “Yes, definitely not my thing.”

Brad stares at his beautiful wife of many years in admiration, he would have probably thrown a fit and she just laughed.  It’s one of the many reason he loves his sweet Sophie so much.

Runaways Legacy 4.566

Brad:  “You see how amazing that was?”

Sophie:  “Much better than your last attempt.”

Brad:  “Oh that?  It was just a warm-up and didn’t count.”

Sophie:  “Uh….huh.”

Runaways Legacy 4.560

Brady tried to work on his typing skills (motor skills) all on his own…..

However, his Sim Goddess noticed he hadn’t done his homework yet so he was sent to do that.  Over zealous dad decided to cheer him on….

Brand:  “WOOOO!  Go, Brady!  Get your homework on…..”

Sera isn’t sure how watching a soccer match is supposed to help her study her basketball rivals but she does it anyways because she was told to do it and she’s not her evil twin who doesn’t do what she’s told!

She does find Brand’s over zealous cheering of homework very funny, though.


Runaways Legacy 4.538

Since Ryan failed at cooking and Dani will be returning to work soon, they need to have their fridge stocked with food to eat.  So, she is tasked with cooking their meals for the next few days.

Dani:  “ACK!”

Sim Goddess:  “Seriously?”

Dani:  “Fire!  OMG!”

Winston:  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sim Goddess:  “Way to channel your inner primal ancestor wolf there, Winston.   You didn’t even wake up to make sure everybody was alright.”

Perhaps this family should wait till Sam grows up and she can cook without burning the house down.

Runaways Legacy 4.520

You know you’re a crazy helicopter relative when you literally take a seat at the bench across from the park and stay there the whole time the children are playing.

Well, at least Paisley and Sera got kisses from their husbands for being so overly protective.  When Brand showed up, Remington left and was replaced by Mercy.  It’s almost as if the evil Crime Boss didn’t want to be around a good detective…heh heh.

Runaways Legacy 4.519

And the March of the Helicopter Relatives continues….

I’m not sure what Renegade is doing here since technically none of these children are his relative.  Maybe just getting in the practice for when it’s one of his children out here.

Renegade:  “Marisol is my niece through marriage so I’m watching her.  Also, maybe someday Ana and Nik will be my relatives as well through marriage.”

Sim Goddess:  “Kind of jumping the gun a little there, aren’t you?  I haven’t decided if I like you and her together just yet.”

Renegade just smiles because my sims have minds of their own and he’s been sniffing around Natalia lately.

Sophie’s looking kind of crazy at the idea of adding even more evil criminals to her family!  And then there is Keahi, I swear nothing bothers this laid back sim.  He’s a true artist.