Sidney & Forrest 1.90


Once Mckinley is in bed, Forrest and I sit on the couch in front of the fireplace and make out.

Things very quickly get heated between us.

What can I say?  I am rather obsessed with this man’s body and evidently he feels the same way about mine.

Sidney & Forrest 1.89

I am queen of the kitchen!

I have reached level 10 cooking skill and love to show off my skills.  Who knew that I would find so much joy in making food?  Forrest cleans while I cook, I like this arrangement.

The chicken stir fry I made is excellent and I’m sort of wishing our Sim Goddess had given me a cooking aspiration but then again that would require a job.

You know how much I hate actual jobs.

Sidney & Forrest 1.88

Mckinley goes to the park next door to play while her mother makes diner.

Mckinley:  “Aargh!  I’m a pirate!  Give me all your loot or it’s the plank for you.”

Hearing her mother call that diner is ready, she quickly climbs down and runs back home.

Sidney & Forrest 1.87

Back home again…..

Forrest and Mckinley are both geniuses so they enjoy challenging each other to chess games.  I have completed my fishing aspiration and our Sim Goddess decided to give me the painting one.

I’m actually surprised by how much I’m enjoying being creative.  I’m sure if the easel was inside and I was trapped indoors all the time that I wouldn’t find it as enjoyable.

Sidney & Forrest 1.86

After the puppet show was over, Mckinley decided to train her voidcritters that we had purchased for her.  She then bonds with Kalani over their shared hair style.  

Her first friend!

Police Chief Kanoa Johnson playing games while waiting for his youngest child, Kalani to finish playing with her friends.

I somehow managed to get myself trapped under the stairs.  Our Sim Goddess had to go in to build mode and put a door in for me so I could get out.  She said I need to stop trying to kill myself.

Like I want to be stuck under here!  There isn’t any pink anywhere!  I’d be miserable.

Sidney & Forrest 1.85

After visiting with his family, we decide to take Mckinley to the Windenberg Youth Library so she can make some friends.  

There is a puppet show playing and we all sit together to watch it.  I have to admit that they did a pretty good job with it.

Sidney & Forrest 1.84


Today is Sunday and Forrest takes us to meet his family.  His parents have been asking about Mckinley since she was born because she is their first grandchild.

Our little princess wastes no time charming her relatives and is soon being hugged by all of them.  She may be a genius but there is no geeky awkwardness with this child!

I spend a good part of the time chatting with Mary Margaret, she has the same coloring as her mother while Forrest and his twin take after their father.