Sidney & Forrest 1.97


Forrest:  “I love you, Mrs. Carrigan.”

Sidney:  “I love you, Mr. Carrigan.”

Forrest:  “Um… were saying something about being horny?”

I just laugh and lean over to kiss him to show him just how horny these pregnancy hormones have me…..

Sidney & Forrest 1.96


I barely manage to get in to our bedroom when Forrest is right behind me.  I swear that man must have stopped working out immediately and chased me up the stairs or something!

Forrest:  “Would you like a massage?  I know how much your back hurts when you’re pregnant.”

Sidney:  “I would love one.”

Forrest:  “Anything for you, my love.”

Sidney:  “Awww…..”

Could a girl be any luckier than to have her very own Prince Charming?

NSFW post coming up and hidden under a cut for those who don’t wanna see the pixel bits…..

Sidney & Forrest 1.95

Sidney speaking……

I walk into Forrest’s home office to find him working out.  Now the sight of him honing that body of his really does it for me.  

Sidney:  “Hey there my sexy husband.”

Forrest:  “Hey yourself my beautiful wife.”

Sidney:  “You’re looking mighty hot, how about you meet me in our bedroom when you’re done?’

Forrest:  *rawr*

Sidney & Forrest 1.94

Mckinley still speaking….

My mom called me home from the playground to have lunch and then we played chess and she read to me for a little while.

My mom isn’t a genius like my dad and me but she knows how much I love chess.  Although I beat her every time, she still sits down with me to help me build my logic skill.

I think my mom is so pretty, I hope I’m as pretty as her when I grow up and find a guy just like my dad.

I love my mom, she’s the best mom in the whole entire world but don’t tell the other children I think that.  I’ve heard that we’re supposed to hate our parents and think they’re awful.

Sidney & Forrest 1.93

Richard:  “Hi!  I’m Richard Tucker.  My dad saw your moms’ vagina.”

Mckinley:  “What…..!?!”

Richard:  “My dad is a doctor, he’s the one that delivered you at the hospital right after my mom had me.”

Mckinley:  “Oh.  My mom almost died because of your dad.”

Richard:  “Oh yeah, he got a little carried away because of the laughing gas.”

Mckinley:  “I don’t think you should tell other people about your dad seeing my moms’ private parts.  My dad might get mad.”

Richard:  “But it’s a natural part of the life process, why would he get mad?  I’m going to be a doctor someday just like my dad.”

Mckinley:  “So you’re smart, like me?”

Sidney & Forrest 1.92

Oh my gosh!  There are other children at the playground.  I’m so excited.  There is never anybody over there.  It’s kind of boring sometimes living in the city while everybody else lives out in the suburbs.

Mckinley:  “Kalani!  What are you doing here?  Don’t you live really far away?”

Kalani:  “I have no idea.  I just kind of showed up here along with all these other children.”

Mckinley:  “Heh.  Heh.  Your dad is gonna be so mad that you did that.  Let’s play pirate till he comes to take you home.”

Police Chief Johnson indeed does not look very happy that his youngest daughter (his little princess) was snatched by the game and put in a playground so far from her home.

Over protective daddy alert!

Sidney & Forrest 1.91

Mckinley speaking…..

Mckinley:  “Hello Simworld!  I’m Mckinley Elizabeth Carrigan most people call me Mac though.”

Today I get to stay home because I just became a child and have the day off.   I’m going to start my day by training my void critter.  I need to make sure it’s at the highest battle level before my sibling is born.

Don’t want them being able to beat me since I am the oldest!

Woooo!  Check it out, I reached level two on one of them.  I’m not sure what that does but I guess it’s good?