Samina & Ryder 1.70

Ana tells her twin a joke about boogers and they nearly fall into the fountain from laughing.

Arron:  “You’re gross!”

Ana:  “Am not!  You are!”

Arron:  “You’re a booger!”

Ana:  “Am not!  You are!”

Ryder shakes his head at his twins before going over to join Sami in a game of chess.  The boys take goofy selfies as Ana watches them.


Samina & Ryder 1.69


Seeing how much fun Blade is having, the others decide to join him in the fountain.  Too bad the stupid fountain only allows 4 Sims in there at a time!  Arron was too slow and had to sit the fun out.

Samina & Ryder 1.68


Making new friends!  Ryder and Sami stopped making out long enough to go join their children at the playground.

Ryder pretends to be a sea monster.

Sami:  “Are you having fun?“

Blade:  “Yes!  There is so much to do here!”

Sami gives her youngest a hug and then watches as he runs off to play in the fountain 

Samina & Ryder 1.67


The twins are inseparable while Blade likes to do his own thing.  Eventually though, he gets lonely and joins his siblings in whatever they are doing.  After discovering that playing horseshoes by yourself wasn’t much fun, Blade heads over to where Ana and Arron are and introduces himself to a girl.


Blade:  “Hi!  I’m Blade.”

Hailey:  “Hey!  I’m Hailey!  WOW!  Are you triplets?  That’s so cool!  I’m an only child, I bet you must have tons of fun.”

Blade:  “Yep, sure are.  You’re lucky that you don’t have to share..”

Because their parents had warned them that humans would have a hard time understanding that their father had the twins and 18 hours later their mother had him.  He was the youngest but it was easier to pass themselves off as triplets.

Samina & Ryder 1.66


Random townie girl reacting to Ryder and Sami being romantic.  The townies need to get used to it, these two are very affectionate.

I hate it when the game takes one of my housed and marked as played Townie Sims and turns them into a homeless crazy!  Just because Bennett is insane doesn’t mean he is homeless!  He has a job and a house!  The game needs to leave him alone.

But how cute is Noellani back there?  That is Kale’s sister, you guys may remember Kale as being Kristyn’s boyfriend from my Mady and Reese story.

Samina & Ryder 1.65

The Tierney children from left to right:

Blade in the red shirt is the child that Samina had and he is active.

Arron and Ananya are the twins that Ryder had.

Arron in the white tee is a genius and his twin Ananya is creative. 

Ananya and Blade have the same blue alien skin as their dad, Arron has the purple alien skin of his mother.  Ana being the only girl, has her dad wrapped around her little finger.  The boys are mischievous enough to use that to their advantage.


They race to the playground as their parents wander off to be romantic, I’m sure they’ll find a woohoo bush somewhere!  Those two are very much in lust/love and are very romantic with one another. 

Samina & Ryder 1.64


Blade:  “Hey, we should go to the park!”

Ananya:  “You think they’ll take us?”

Arron:  “If we tell them we did our chores and homework, I don’t see why they wouldn’t.  Go pretend to cry to dad, Ana.  He can’t resist you.”