Runaways Legacy 4.853

Somebody is off on a grand adventure!

Sadie is the first to head downstairs to explore their little corner of the world.  Her curiosity over what lies past those stairs got the better of her and she didn’t want to wait for her mom or dad to take her downstairs.

Runaways Legacy 4.852

Shauna cleaning up Sal’s mess!

Sophia gave her mother a hug before she was done, clearly worried she might be blamed for it.

Sal gave his dad hug, maybe to apologize for making the mess?

Runaways Legacy 4.849

Sadie isn’t done playing with the blocks to build her skill.

Sophia looking innocent, “I didn’t make that mess.  Nope, I’m the sweet one.  No way I would ever do something so naughty.”

Runaways Legacy 4.847

Poor Shauna-Cat has had enough and runs off to grab a cat nap on Sadie’s bed.

I think she might be overwhelmed from the constant attention the triplets give her.

Lol, they are just showing how much they love you, Shauna-Cat.