O’Shea Legacy 1.53

Talon goes down on one knee and pulls a ring out of his pocket while Bailey stares in shock and almost disbelief….

Talon:  “I have been in love with you almost from the moment you smiled at me and I felt it straight to my heart…..”

Bailey tries to remember to breath…..

Talon:  “Bailey Sheridan O’Shea….will you spend the rest of forever with me and marry me?”

O’Shea Legacy 1.52

After their dinner, Bailey and Talon take a walk along the river….

Bailey:  “It’s so beautiful here.”

Talon taking her hands:  “Not as beautiful as you….”

Bailey:  “Aw, Talon.  You say the sweetest things.”

Talon:  “And I mean them, you are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met both inside and out.”

O’Shea Legacy 1.51


Talon notices Bailey making faces as she tried to force herself to eat the lamb…..

Talon:  “Is there something wrong with your meal, babe?”

Bailey trying not to gag:  “No, it’s fine….”

Talon:  “Here, have a bite of my steak.”

After their dinner, Talon stares at Bailey as she smiles politely at the waiter and doesn’t say a word about her meal being off.  She had captivated him when he’d first met him to the point where he’d almost been obsessed with finding her and being around her.


O’Shea Legacy 1.50

The food arrives….

Bailey:  “Ooo….this doesn’t look so bad!”

Talon chuckling:  “I noticed your face when you saw the experimental food and thought I’d order you something safe like rack of lamb.”

Bailey:  “It looks amazing……”


O’Shea Legacy 1.48


Bailey looking at the menu and not sure what’s shocking her more, the cost of the items or the items themselves!  She’s not a fan of experimental food or spicy things!

Talon:  “Do you know what you want?”

Bailey:  “Um……I don’t even recognize half the things on here.”

Talon orders for them…..

And it’s nice seeing Keenan out so much with his wife Serena, in my other saves he is always alone.  Some of you may remember him as “Mr. Frey”, the guy that Evi tried to convince to drink some stink juice.


O’Shea Legacy 1.47


Maitre’d:  “May I help you?”

Talon:  “I have a reservation for a party of two, name is Marques.”

Maitre’d gushing:  “Mr. Marques, it’s such an honor to have you dining with us today.  It’s not often we get a world famous astronaut and such a good looking one either….”

Talon cuts the man off:  “Thank you.”

Bailey whispering:  "The way he was gushing, I was starting to worry he was trying to steal you away.”

Talon:  “You don’t need to worry about that, Bail.  Nobody is stealing me away from you, ever.”