O’Shea Legacy 1.60


Since they achieved the gold medal date, they went over to use the karaoke machine and I laughed so hard.  Bailey was really into it and very animated.

At one point, she made a sweeping gesture towards Talon as if to say….

Bailey:  “Hey everybody, this is my amazing soon-to-be husband and isn’t he the cutest thing ever when he sings?”

And since it was a country song, Bailey did her best cheesy country singer wink….lol

And this concludes this play session with Bailey and Talon, they’ll be back as an “interlude” after Sera is done posting (a little over a month from now) and before I return to my Chaisson legacy and we find out what happened when Renegade met Remington……

O’Shea Legacy 1.57


Talon returns from one of his space missions and works on his logic skill, Bailey decides to join him.

Talon (a genius with a high logic skill):  “Are you sure you want to make that move, sweetheart?”

Bailey (a creative artist with no logic skill):  “Yep, this little piece looks pretty next to that one….”

Talons scratches his head in disbelief as he watches Bailey winning simply by putting the pieces next to each other that look “pretty”….

Talon:  “I have no idea how you just did that.”

Bailey:  “Did I do good?”

Talon:  “Really good, maybe I should start putting pretty pieces together….”

And their silly Sim Goddess forgot to put lights on their back deck….oops lol

O’Shea Legacy 1.56

While Talon is at work, Bailey continues to plug away at creating paintings to fill up her art gallery.  It’s a good thing she’s engaged to such a wealthy man because this is taking her a very long time…..