Luka & Avery 1.56

Scenery shots of the gorgeous Newcrest neighborhood they live in.  Avery may hate how colorful it is but it has inspired her so she’s creating all masterpieces now and making quiet a bit of money for the family in the process.



Luka & Avery 1.55

Date night!  Luka decided that Avery needed some couple time away from the kids and all of Mallory’s friends who are constantly at their house.  So, he took her out for the night.


Luka enjoying the view as Avery heads upstairs.  They ended their gold level date with some fun in the sauna at home.  Don’t get her pregnant again!  I don’t think Nicolas could handle more competition.

Luka & Avery 1.54

Avery took the kids to the park while Luka was at work.  Nicolas was excited to see his friend there.  He quickly drew her away before Mallory could dazzle her and he’d lose his only friend.

Avery met two women while at the park and made some friends of her own.  The first was Pagan (the mother of Morgan and my first Sim family).  Pagan is a stay-at-home mother like Avery.  Her husband Logan is an astronaut and works long hours.

The second woman is Serafina who is an astronaut and shares many of the same like as Avery.  Serafina is married to another astronaut..They became close friends almost instantly.

Luka & Avery 1.53

Nicolas went to the park alone and spots a girl that his sister doesn’t know.  Finally!  His chance to make a friend that was all his own.  It wasn’t that he resented Mallory and her popularity (not all that much).  It was just that it was hard to compete with somebody like her.

The girl laughed at all his jokes and even agreed to cloud gaze with him.  Nicolas had just made his first friend.  Now all he had to do was keep her away from Mallory so she wouldn’t steal her.


Luka & Avery 1.52

The next day, Mallory invites all her closest friends over.  She is determined to find a friend for her younger brother.  Look how miserable he looks while Nina and Mallory greet each other with a big hug.  Nina is raging with jealousy over Nina and how close she’s gotten to Mallory.


Luka has a day off work so he sits down with all the children while Avery works on making a snack for the horde.  Morgan is the boy sitting beside Mallory, he is the son of my first Sim family!  So happy to see them in my game again.


Luka & Avery 1.51

Avery knows her little guy is unhappy so she heads out to the park to play with the children and see if she can help him adjust to their new home.

Luka got another promotion, he is now at the top of his career.  He joined his family at the park and gave his son a hug.  Avery had told him that Nicolas was unhappy and wasn’t making any friends in school.

Both kids look disgusted as dad plants a big smooch on mom…..