Runaways Legacy 4.596

So what does a sim do when he’s having a really bad day and wants to let go of some that tension and anger.

Go to the spa!

Too bad it’s been sabotaged by his future wife (hopefully)…..

Oops, something tells me their courtship might be a little difficult (I am not controlling him, he did this all on his own and chose to “broken” one).

Runaways Legacy 4.595

Renegade is just having a really bad day!

He’s done nothing but stomp around and scowl at everybody.

So, he heads downstairs to change into the robe that they’re all obsessed with and walks into a room full of detectives doing nonstop push-ups and sit-ups.  He is not amused and curses profusely over it.

So grumpy!

Runaways Legacy 4.593

The yoga was so hard that Gnat and her cousin Shane decided they needed massages.  Shane enjoyed it way more than Gnat.  I don’t think she liked some weirdo rubbing her feet, lol.

Luna Marie also got a foot massage and seemed to enjoy it about as much as Gnat did.

Runaways Legacy 4.592

Sims in robes.

Luna Marie doesn’t look very happy that her husband, Keahi, is roaming around in his robe.

Dragus is thrilled, probably because he’s naked under it, lol.

Remington is in a room full of detectives who are on the ground nonstop doing sit-ups and push-ups.  He is not amused!

Runaways Legacy 4.589

Hope isn’t any better than the Runaway sims!  Sheesh… lot are really bad at this, lol.

I’m shocked at Sylas.  He’s very athletic, level 7, and seemed to really struggle.  Shane also shocked me as did Alejandro at how badly they did.