Runaways Legacy 4.796

Sophie loves the spicy street food.  Her husband, Brad, not so much!

Alejandro…..I really wish one of my sims would like him.  I need those genes in my legacy!  LOL

Remy, smirking as he struts past.  Probably thinking about his “Say no to Mischief” cause that he picked to spite his evil relatives.  That or he knows that he and his girlfriend McKinley will be getting played when it’s their legacy turn.

Runaways Legacy 4.795

Remington sure is feeling those hugs today!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do so much hugging before….

He gave his half sister Paisley a hug.  Then she headed over to say “Hiiiiiii” to the street performer.  

Runaways Legacy 4.794

Here comes Lily from my Chaisson Legacy.

I am always a little concerned whenever she shows up.  She has a massive anger management issue and has had it since she was a child.  She’s super sweet when you play her but then acts like a demon picking fights with all the other sims when she’s not being played!

Her father-in-law must be rubbing off on her!  Remington adores her, he approves of his son’s choice in a wife.

Runaways Legacy 4.791

Evil Double Diamond Agent, Brad from my Runaways Legacy and Evil Crime Boss, Remington from my Chaisson Legacy crossing paths.  Brad was greatly amused by it (not much phases him and he tends to laugh at other evil sims, he’s very secure in his evilness).  Remington looked at him as if to say “Why aren’t you afraid of me?  The nerve!”.

Then they both started smiling, they seemed to hit it off.  They’re both very secure in their evilness and enjoy the company of other evil sims.

Runaways Legacy 4.639

Alejandro being all “derpy-derp”  LOL

Kinsley looks right at home in the city.

Remy lives in the Art District but guess he decided the coffee was better over in the Spice District.

Runaways Legacy 4.629

McKinley didn’t care about the sims kissing….

She was having too much singing karaoke.

Her boyfriend, Remy, seemed to enjoy her singing.  I didn’t know she could sing, lol.

Runaways Legacy 4.618

Random screens of my legacy sims…..

Kinsley jogging past, she’s not too sure about this part of the sim world.

Luna Marie with her husband Keahi not too far behind.

You know who loves the vampire world?  Paisley!  Of course her insane and evil butt would love it.  She probably wishes there were vampires in my save so she could beat them up.