Runaways Legacy 4.846

And while Sylas is playing with Sophia, Sal works on a skill by building blocks.

Shauna coaches him while Sadie decides it’s time to give Shauna-Cat some more attention!

Poor cat, lol.

Runaways Legacy 4.845


Look at Sophia’s sad little face!  She didn’t really enjoy dancing either.  Sorry, Evi, but it looks like dance parties might be unique to your family for this legacy.

Dad has something that will cheer Sophia right up…..

Time to play!

Runaways Legacy 4.841

Time for some fun!

Let’s see if they’re as addicted to family dance parties as Shauna’s aunt Evi and her family are.

Sadie doesn’t seem to really be feeling the music and dancing, so mom starts playing with her.  All work and no play makes for some very boring sims!  LOL

Runaways Legacy 4.840

And while Sophia continues to learn how to talk, Sylas works on teaching Sadie how to use the potty.

Shauna-Cat seems interested in the process!

Soon as that is done, they both work on teaching Sophia and Sal how to potty while Sadie works on a skill on her tablet.