Runaways Legacy 4.813

Sylas is busy upgrading the vacuum cleaner so Shauna-Cat can ride around on it and amuse their Sim Goddess.

Shauna-Cat got tired of waiting for Shauna to wake up.  So, she sought out Sylas and demanded his attention.

She’s a bit of a spoiled princess.

Runaways Legacy 4.812

My friend Jodee sent them a wedding present!  A cat named Shauna-Cat.

Shauna-Cat is very attached to her mistress already and waited patiently by her bed till she woke up.  Well, mostly.  She also waited on her bed and tried to wake her up by wiggling and bouncing around on it.

So maybe not all that patiently!

Runaways Legacy 4.808

Shauna didn’t have a very good experience eating out.

First she struggled with the chopsticks, then she tried to burn her face off, finally the baby(ies?) are giving her such a back ache!

Sylas has a great idea to get her mind off it all, he kisses her.

Shauna has an even better idea!  LOL