Runaways Legacy 4.745

Wedding Day!

Since they ran off and tricked their Sim Goddess, they are going to get married a little sooner than I had planned.  Well, I didn’t actually have any day planned for them.

My Sims (as usual) took matters into their own hands and pushed their Sim Goddess into doing things on their schedule.

Runaways Legacy 4.741

Wait a minute…..

Why are you so happy, Shauna?

Immediately after they woohoo’d, Shauna changed her outfit and did this celebrating gesture then Sylas gave her a kiss.


Runaways Legacy 4.740

These two constantly auto woohoo!

However, this time their Sim Goddess sent them because they both had the whim to woohoo.

And there is Shauna’s personal sun that is usually over her head now at the middle of the bed…….


Runaways Legacy 4.739

Finished with their jungle adventure, they head back home.

Shauna has a new BFFF……

The little pixel sun that follows her around everywhere!

Not sure how it survives being in the shower, though.