Runaways Legacy 4.751

Since they got engaged in the jungle, their Sim Goddess had all their food be jungle food.  The sims didn’t seem very happy about the spicy food.  Tons of pouting and upset stomachs!

Dragus!  Are you still hoarding that fruit cake?

Runaways Legacy 4.750


Some sims who are happy about the wedding.

Grandma Sophie is all smiles.

Trust Shauna’s brother and cousins to be the first ones to celebrate the wedding.  That seemed to cheer Sera right up.  Her younger cousin, Nikolai also celebrated.

Runaways Legacy 4.749


Shauna’s dad, Brand, also doesn’t seem very happy about the wedding.

Sheesh, Sims!  Yes, Sylas is an evil sim but he is still a good guy.  Brad and Evi are also evil as is Natalia, just saying.  Enough with the glares and pouting.

*Smacks the silly Sims*

Runaways Legacy 4.748


Some of Shauna’s family members are not happy about the wedding.

Grandpa Brad looks depressed, poor baby.

Shauna’s mother, Sera, alternated between laughing at her dad for being depressed and looking annoyed at something.