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Runaways Legacy 4.573

Brad:  “I highly recommend going on a sleep schedule, then you won’t need so many naps.”

Sera:  “They’re not tired.”

Brad:  “Then why did they want to go to bed?”

Dragus:  “Anyways, so how’s the team, Sera?”

Sera:  “Great, it’s going to be weird having my son on it.”

Evi:  “Hey, you get to boss him around and get paid to do it.”

Brad:  “I wish one of my children would become a secret agent, I would love to boss them around.”

Sophie:  “You have Sylas, he’s almost family.”

Brad:  “Yeah but he’s evil and takes away all my fun.”

Evi:  “Evil sims are fun!  Who said they aren’t fun?  Lies!”

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