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Runaways Legacy 4.558


Looks like Natalia has been spotted by the snot nosed toddler and her furry side kick.  Have you ever noticed that animals and toddlers seem to have this uncanny ability to know when somebody doesn’t want to be around them?  Because they always find that person and glue themselves to their side.

First they hit Gnat with Winston being super cute and doing his smiling doggy bit.

Then they went in for the kill when Sam asked for a hug, she laid such a sweet loving hug on Gnat that I’m not sure this evil sim will ever recover!

Look how proud of herself Sam is!  Mission accomplished!  She and Winston have converted another sim to their side.

Gnat:  “I still think you’re a grubby pawed, snot nosed little monster.”

Sam giggles:  “Gnat monsta!”

Gnat:  “And don’t you forget it.”

Sam:  “Gnat my monsta…..”

Gnat:  “Whatever.”

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