Runaways Legacy 4.623

Sylas is making up for lost time, having to wait all these sim years for Shauna to finally be old enough.

Or rather for their Sim Goddess to finally age her up!  LOL

Best things in life are worth the wait, Sylas!

Runaways Legacy 4.621

I’m not sure what Natalia is going to do with her life.

I think she and Renegade like each other but won’t know for sure till I play them around each other more.  She’s an evil sim who loves to pull pranks but she isn’t mean.  It’s a struggle trying to figure her future out.

She loves music, she is really happy when she’s playing her guitar.  She inherited her grandmother Sophie’s music genes!  LOL

Runaways Legacy 4.620

Sylas asks Shauna to get a drink with him and they go sit down in a quiet corner together….

Sylas:  “You know, when I asked you to go somewhere with me, I didn’t really mean in a group.”

Shauna:  “You didn’t?”

Sylas:  “No, kind of thought it would just be you and me.”

Shauna:  “Oh…. like a date?”

Sylas:  “Exactly like a date, this isn’t what I had in mind.”

Shauna smiling:  “Why didn’t you say you wanted a date?”

Sylas:  “I should have.  Shauna, will you go out with me tomorrow?  Just the two of us, on a date?”

Shauna:  “Yes.”

Runaways Legacy 4.619

Random screens of my legacy sims…..

Hope checking up on her uncle, Renegade.  Making sure those weird alien Runaways legacy sims aren’t doing anything to him with their sim rays, lol!

Speaking of weird alien Runaways…..

Dani is the first one to run past, the head alien of this generation since at she’s older than Natalia and is a full alien (they both are).

Then it’s Shane and Shauna’s mother, Sera, she is a half alien.

Finally, it’s grandpa Brad (human) and Natalia mothers, Evi (full alien).  Both of them are evil, they love this world!

Runaways Legacy 4.618

Random screens of my legacy sims…..

Kinsley jogging past, she’s not too sure about this part of the sim world.

Luna Marie with her husband Keahi not too far behind.

You know who loves the vampire world?  Paisley!  Of course her insane and evil butt would love it.  She probably wishes there were vampires in my save so she could beat them up.

Runaways Legacy 4.617


It’s OK Gnat, we all know you really don’t like anything athletic.  You’re a good sport for putting up with this for so long.  She looked pretty mortified when she dropped the ball.  To go from strikes to dropping it, oops.

Not sure why Shane is making that crazy face back there, scary.  LOL