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Runaways Legacy 4.518

You know, Dante?  You wouldn’t be so bored if you’d just stay home.  I mean, with every single adult relative of these children at the park?  I think they’re very well protected.

It’s almost as if these sims don’t trust their Sim Goddess to take care of their babies.

Brad:  “Well, you did have my Sophie kidnapped as a teen.  Also my grandchildren Daniella, Natalia, Shane, and Shauna were nearly kidnapped by a vampire when they were children and teens.”

Remy:  “And you did have Elizabeth gunned down by my grandfather when she was a teen and nearly died.”

Dani:  “And don’t forget that you had my great grandmother kidnap my mom and take her to an alien planet where mom tried to kill her…”

Sim Goddess:  “Well, if you’re going to spell it out like that….”

Dante:  “We could go on.”

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