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Chaisson Legacy 3.601


Riley:  “Why did you do that?”

Mercy:  “For the same reason I asked Lily to take you the museum…..”

Riley:  “You did?  Why?”

Mercy:  “Riley, I know you’re confused about your future and seem to be under some sort of impression that you should become a criminal.  I think that’s a horrible idea.”

Riley:  “Well, that’s not your choice to make and Faith needs to stop being such a rat!  I’m never telling her anything again.”

Mercy:  “Faith loves you like we all do, don’t be angry with her.”


After 5/24/18, find my sims at my Simlish & Dreams WP.  I will no longer be posting on tumblr.  If you’d like to find out how to transfer to WP, give me a holler here or on my discord (message for link).

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