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Chaisson Legacy 3.516


Hope from my Delgado Legacy meet Hope from my Runaways Legacy!

One is a YA and the other is a teen, they didn’t seem very impressed about sharing a name!  LOL might get a bit confusing when teen Hope becomes a YA.

I also have two Gabe’s now in this save…..

No, I don’t “love” these names.  I just thought Gabriel sounded nice with the last name Maverick (Delgado Legacy) and Keahi/Luna Marie’s son Gabriel (Chaisson Legacy) was named after his paternal grandmother.

Hope Santiago-Johnson (Chaisson Legacy) was named because of everything that happened to Paisley as a child.  Same reason her sister is named Faith….

Hope Maverick got the name because when she was created, I thought Hope Delgado sounded nice.


If you’d like to read any of my legacies from the beginning, please click here.

Pinterest – My CC Finds – CC/Mods/Poses that I use in my game.

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