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Chaisson Legacy 3.510


After a few minutes of eating their food, Riley continues….

Riley:  “So anyways, the reason I asked about your future is because if I do decide to do this, I think it should be an all female organization.  I would need a wing woman…..”

Faith:  “So, you gonna ask Hope?”

Riley:  “No, I’m going to ask you.”

Faith:  “Me!?  Are you mental?  I’m hardly the working type.”

Riley:  “Exactly!  Nobody would ever suspect you.  You’ve got the perfect cover.  Think about it, Faith.  You wouldn’t have to rely on some guy for spending money.  You could finance your own fabulous life just the way you want.”

Faith:  “That does sound intriguing…..”


If you’d like to read any of my legacies from the beginning, please click here.

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