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Chaisson Legacy 3.506


Faith:  “Why you asking all these questions?  I thought you was gonna marry Renegade and be a mob princess.”

Riley:  “What?  Ew.  No.”

Faith:  “Hey!  That’s my uncle you’re grossing out over and he’s cute….least all the girls I know think he is.”

Riley:  “Yeah, I guess he is kind of cute in a grease monkey kind of way but he’s really not my type.”

Side Note:  No, this is not some sort of incest relationship.  They are not related by blood.  Renegade is Dante’s half brother.  Dante is married to Paisley who is the half sister of Remington.  Faith is the daughter of Dante and Paisley.  Riley is the daughter of Remington and Mercy.  Because Renegade has zero blood relationship to Paisley, he and Riley are not related.  He also came along as a teen so they didn’t even grow up together.

But none of this really matters because Riley doesn’t like him!

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