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Runaways Legacy: Alien Blood

I’m posting this for myself since I can’t remember and I need to remember!  LOL 

My “aliens” are not aliens till I need them to be so for a story/plot line.  I hate the way EA did aliens (the glowing, the constant discoveries by family members, etc).  So, they’re half aliens till they need to become full ones for a story.

Full Aliens

  • Thania
  • Evangeline (Evi)
  • Daniella (Dani)
  • Natalia (Gnat lol)

Half Alien

  • Sophie
  • Seraphina (Sera)

It is unknown if Anastasia, Nikolai, or Samantha will become full or half aliens.  In my story, this isn’t revealed till they become teens.

If any of you can remember if Gnat is a full alien, please remind me! LOL

**Correction!  Natalia IS a full alien.  I just saw this while editing my posts on my WP.  The alien birth certificate is over both their beds.

And also this post here where she’s laughing at her dad when Dani “zaps” him and thinks that she is going to have fun when she gets her “powers” and won’t be controlling them.


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