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New Banners….

for my new combined save that starts posting today!

I’ve tried this before in the past but I brought all the sims from all three legacies over and got overwhelmed.

I’m hoping that this time I can do it with a smaller sampling.  I moved in a total of 40 sims from all three saves.  These are the ones that made the cut (couples plus most of their children, the exception being Sophie and Brad because their boys got “married and moved to another city”).

How I’m going to do the banners …. whichever house is loaded.  It will show that banner.  Unless the house has multiple couples, then it will be the couple posting.

Who lives where (I will attempt to keep the legacies living in the same “world”)…

Delgado – Willow Creek

Chaisson – Oasis Springs

Runaways – Newcrest

Brindleton Bay, San Myshuno (with the broken apartments rendering it practically useless), Windenberg and any other new livable worlds we may get will be combined.  Sims will move there according to their story lines.

Forgotten Hollow is a commercial area with bars, nightclubs, and a restaurant.

From my Runaways Legacy……

Brad & Sophie are now great grandparents, so they look older because they are! The twins Shane and Shauna have moved into The Old Salt House with their cousin Natalia to start their YA lives.  Thania, Luciano, Caleb, and Dragus’ family didn’t make the cut.  Neither did Sophie and Brad’s other children.  

Their friend, Alejandro, made the cut because I’m still hoping somebody likes him!  Natalia’s friends, the Baumann’s, initially made the cut but were later removed to free up space when it became clear that nobody was going to like them.

(I could have sworn I fixed the font on Sophie and Brad to match the others…..)


From my Chaisson Legacy…..

In order to save space, some of the children stayed living with their parents after they married.  These are Hope & Gabe who are now married and live with his mom and dad (his family didn’t make the cut).  Rhys and Lily (her and Mac’s mom and dad didn’t make the cut) who are now married and live with his mom and dad.  Dante’s half brother, Renegade, made the cut for genetic purposes (I’m hoping somebody likes him).

Remy and Mac are key sims in this generation so they are living together and dating but anything else will be posted/played.  Riley is also a key sim.  


The Delgado Legacy didn’t get very large so everybody came over!

Kinsley and Gabe are now the top doctor and detective in the combined save.  Hope and Alex are a couple and I may spend a week or so playing his dad, Anthony, to give him a wife because I hate seeing him all alone.  Many of their detective friends made the cut.


If you’d like to read any of my legacies from the beginning, please click here.

Pinterest – My CC Finds – CC/Mods/Poses that I use in my game.

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