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Umbrage Manor Remodel

I finished my Umbrage Manor makeover.

I feel exhausted!  I knew this lot would give me fits because it’s floor plan is sooo bad.  I changed the exterior color and had to redo the front porches because some of the trim couldn’t be recolored OR deleted!  All I did was enlarge the house 1 block towards the back so I could make two children’s rooms.  The house footprint is the same but I changed the rooms up.

I had to restart this stupid house twice, it gave me such a hassle.

I love it now and it will go into my combined legacy saves and maybe one day one of my sims will move in to it.  I reserved all the 30×40 lots for my sims and put townies in small lots.

And I think you guys can see that I prefer dark palettes, I do try to lighten up the kids rooms though!

A couple more screens below the cut…..

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