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Runaways Legacy 4.504


Eventually, Sophie left them alone to go and chat with her daughter.  It appears that she and Evi told each other jokes.

Then Evi went to play a game while Dragus checked her butt out (LOL).  I’m sure he’s wondering if there is a woohoo spot close by that he can drag her off to.


GO HOME!  Stop hovering!  LOL


And this will conclude this month of the Runaways posts!  I had posted earlier some stuff with Shauna and Sylas where she took control of the narrative!  LOL.  I decided to not use it and  instead wait till she’s a YA to go forward with their story.  

When they return; Shauna, Shane, and Natalia will all be YA’s and living in their city apartment.  Shauna’s romantic future has already been chosen (by her!), Shane’s career has been chosen but his romantic future is still undecided, Natalia is completely uncharted territory and it’ll be fun figuring it all out. 


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