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Runaways Legacy 4.478

Sylas with his hair down…..

Shauna should be thanking her sim goddess for allowing them to be an item.  Although, I kind of didn’t have a choice because they went well out of their way to make it happen.

They are kind of smoldering….huh?  Can’t wait to play them now that she is old enough for him.

And the second sim, is a gem I found in the gallery.  All I had to do to him was make his face a little broader (what is with the squashed headed sims?!??!) and change his hair and remove his beard.  That face was hiding under all that hair and beard!  *dies*  Sim is the newest by WonderCarlotta.

Finally, we have a sim that a dear friend gave me.  She was such a cute child but my game hates sims that age up as children with CC and face molding and almost without fail turns them into troll baby monsters.

She turned into the below when I aged her up in CAS…..I am still traumatized…lol.

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