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Evi & Dragus’ Home V3

IT IS FINISHED!  Click the above screens to enlarge them.

I have finally finished this f**king house!  Yes, it took me two days and annoyed me so much that I started calling it that.  The upstairs made NO SENSE.  I wound up just removing all the rooms and starting over with it.  I really liked the exterior of this house and wanted to use it (although I changed the colors and landscaping and everything lol).

I feel like it’s Evi but a more mature Evi.  She’s an adult now and the house shows that.

I showed some of these screens earlier as a WIP and this is the final product.  

I still have to do Sera’s house and then I’m done with Newcrest.  I’ve already finished Willow Creek and Oasis Springs (completely redid every single house and then removed all CC from my main sims houses).

And poor Dani….she got married and moved out and her parents turned her room into a home gym.  How rude!!  LOL


More screens below the cut….



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