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Runaways Legacy 4.328


I’ve been very slowly redoing all the lots in my worlds.

I’m in the process of doing over my legacy sims so their houses are CC free (other than the family photos I made for them).  This is Luna Marie’s house done over, she is in my Chaisson Legacy save.  I built this house myself, I try to build all my legacy sim houses myself.

I did her twin sister’s (Mercy) house earlier today and will post the screens later…..

I actually love these houses more CC free!

Going CC free has forced me try different colors and furniture than I did before, it’s really forcing me to go outside my usual.  When I had CC, I always used the same items over and over because it was there.  

I’m glad I made the choice to remove the build/buy CC.

I’ll still be using CAS CC, of course!  LOL

More screens below the cut


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