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Runaways Legacy 4.305


So the scripted part of Dani and Ryan’s story is over and now it’s just me playing them and getting to know Samantha.  I added Evi and Dragus to their household (and moved Caleb into their old household to be with their other children – all temporary) to do this.  When I loaded the lot, I was greeted with this sight.  You guys may remember that Evi has made it clear that she does not like cat.

Dragus:  “Woman, you better not be thinking about doing anything to those cats.”

Evi:  “I can’t stand cats.”

Dragus:  “Yes, I know and that’s why I said to leave them alone.”

Evi:  “What if some unfortunate thing were to happen to them that was not of my doing?”

Dragus:  “Evangeline…..”

Evi:  “It would be such a shame if Sim Goddess were to realize that these cats are strays and strays are randoms and we all know what she does with randoms….”

Sim Goddess and Evi together:  “Deletes them!”

Shares an evil laugh while Dragus sighs heavily……lol.. look at the way he is looking at her, he just knows she’s plotting something evil….


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