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The Newbury Makeover


Another remodel!

I’m attempting to completely redo all my saves, I’ve been using the same “base” save for a couple of years now with some minor updates.  I’m VERY bored with it and want some new lots.  

This one is by the lovely @jenba and I actually did very little to it other than change the kitchen a bit and some of the colors.  I also redid the landscaping and removed most of the clutter (ya’ll know my OCD and clutter … twitches). The lot is nearly perfect as is.

Funny story about this one, I saw the Sears Homes floor plan and immediately thought of her.  I sent her a link in chat and she was like “Oh!  I love that type of home.  I’ve done one before…..”

It was the SAME FLOOR PLAN!  I laughed and told her “No wonder it made me think of you.”

The house is called The Newbury and can be found here in it’s original state.

More screens below the cut, there is even a cute basement that I made over into a lair for a secret agent (or a criminal if you want to go that route lol).


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