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Runaways Legacy 4.236

Much later, Ryan returns to their home to be greeted by Winston.  The dog was always so excited to see him.  It went everywhere he went and he knew that once it is older, it would go with him on his runs to keep him company.  He smiles slightly as he glances down at it….yet another loving sim that he doesn’t deserve.

Ryan:  “Why do you put up with me?”

Winston gives him a doggy smile.

Ryan:  “You’re as bad as she is, you know that?”

Picking up the puppy, he hugs it as his mind returns to Dani.  She deserves so much better than him, she deserves a man who can love her the way she should be loved and not some broken Sim like himself.

Ryan:  “Why won’t she leave?  Why does she stay?  Why the hell am I talking to a dog anyways?”

However, Ryan is starting to heal and he doesn’t realize it yet.  He doesn’t see that he is starting to smile again, that the unconditional love of the puppy and Dani are breaking through that protective wall.

Little by little…..

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