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Runaways Legacy 4.220


Dani:  “Shhh……you’re safe, Ryan.  I’m not going anywhere, you can’t get rid of me that easily.  I’m going to get you through this.”

Ryan:  “I love you, f*cking hell, I love you so much but can’t you see that I’m not good for you?  I’m damaged, Daniella.  You deserve so much better than a man who can’t stop himself from hurting you.”

Dani:  “Isn’t that my decision to make?  I’m not going anywhere.”

Ryan:  “I don’t know how to fix what’s broken in me, Dani.  I don’t know if I can.  What if I really hurt you?”

Ryan swallows hard before continuing…..

Ryan:  “What if I hurt the baby?  What if I can’t stop myself?”

Dani:  “You won’t.”

Ryan:  “You don’t know that.”

Dani:  “I do.”


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