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Chaisson Legacy 3.110


Remy:  “Of course I did, just like I do when any other random chick kisses me.”

McKinley gasps and then reminds herself that she came here to fight for him and that he was purposely trying to hurt her to push her away.

McKinley softly:  “I’m not buying your lies anymore.   The more hateful you are, the more I know you’re lying.  Just like when we were kids and you’d be crude.  It always meant you were nervous and trying to hide it.”

Remy:  “What the hell do you want from me, McKinley?  Haven’t you already taken enough?  I have nothing more to give you.”

McKinley:  “I want you, Remy.  I want you back as my best friend, as my lover…..”

Remy:  “No.”

McKinley:  “Remy…..”

Remy:  “I’m not putting myself out there for you again, McKinley.  Once was more than enough.”

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