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Chaisson Legacy 3.112

Keep pushing, McKinley silently tells herself as she lays on her bed and looks out the window.

She can’t let him win.  She knows him too well, she understands him.  She knows that Remy will not change his position on anything till he is ready to change it.

He gives a whole new meaning to the word stubborn.

She also knows that she sort of deserves it.  That isn’t to say that he is without fault but she bears the most of it.

She will keep pushing him and hope that someday he’ll be ready to meet her part of the way and they can finally talk.

Finally hash things out and move forward.

She knows with every bit of her being that he cares about her still, he wouldn’t be so angry if he didn’t.

Remy felt nothing for those he didn’t care about, the anger is a sign that he is hurt.  Hurt meant that he still cares.

She just has to keep fighting.

It is why she is here, after all.

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