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Runaways Legacy 4.194


Dani:  “You do?”

Thania laughs:  “Seriously?  Of course I do, I know all about things that shouldn’t happen and still do.  Ryan thought he would never see you again and was probably dreaming about the future he would never have with you, including having a child…..”

Dani:  “and he drew me into that dream with him……”

Thania nods before continuing:  “Now as far your pregnancy goes, the way I see it, there are two options…..”

Dani:  “I’m not ending it, Thania.  This may have been his dream at first but it’s mine now, too.   I’m keeping our child.”

Thania:  “Alright, then there is one option and that is you say that you had discussed in-vitro fertilization in the event that something happened to him….”

Dani:  “What about pausing the pregnancy till you heal him?”

Thania:  “And what if I don’t?  What then?”

Dani: ……


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