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How to set up an interesting save

I thought I’d share how I set up my base save to make my worlds more interesting.  I can’t stand EA pre-mades.  To me, they’re sort of like the town bikes.  Everybody takes a ride on them.  I prefer having unique sims.  Also, pre-mades just aren’t all that interesting.

Tools needed:

MC Command Center
Free Club Perks

Step 1:

Have an empty world (no sims in it other than the required homeless sim) that you’ve set up to fit your game play needs.  Things like community lots, houses, etc.

There should be nothing else in your saves folder but a copy of this save. Start out by deleting everything in your saves folder (be sure you copy/pasted the contents elsewhere first).  Then set up this empty world.  Copy/paste a copy of the files of this save somewhere else.  Never use the original, always use copies.

Step 2:

Create at least 20 households in CAS.  Make them interesting and mix it up.   Have single parents, same gender parents, opposite gender parents and give them all children and teens.  Try to make the number of genders even.  Be sure to create at least two single households – 8 single men and 8 single females. 

Side note:  I actually have 35 households with 3 single men and 3 single female households but don’t want to overwhelm you guys.

Step 2:

In an empty world (just delete all the pre-mades and this isn’t that world you created in step 1), use the free real estate cheat to place all these households. 

Using MCCC (or the career cheats): go into each household and give these sims jobs.  Try to match the sims looks and traits to those jobs.  Also, give them different levels to make things interesting.   One of these sims should be a level 10 doctor and another a level 10 detective.  The game will use these sims in those roles.

Save the game and exit.  

Delete the contents of your tray folder (they’re in your save, so no worries).

Go back into the game and save all these sims via household management.

Copy/paste the contents in your tray folder into a folder outside your TS4 folder.  Label it something like “townies”.  

Don’t delete the contents of your tray folder.  These are your townies with their careers and stuff.

Step 3:

Go into your saves folder and copy/paste the contents somewhere else till you’re done (in case something gets messed up).  Delete the contents in your saves folder. Copy/paste the files from the save you created in step 1 into your saves folder.  

This is going to be your master base save. 

Be sure that every time you go into your base save that the game is paused, you don’t want it to go past 8 am so it’s a true start save.

Go into your game and using the free real estate cheat, place your townies where you want them to live.  Be mindful of using up all the “good” lots because you’ll want to save those for YOUR sims.  I put my townies in tiny lots that I know I won’t be using for my sims.

Go into each household and put them into clubs that have specific meeting locations and specific things they do.  This is where the free club perks mod is used, it allows you to put up to 8 members in each club without actually playing them.

Make this interesting, think about things like making clubs that hate each other and fight (detective and criminal clubs?).

My clubs are like this:

  • Teen clubs
  • Child clubs
  • Singles clubs (that meet at the night club and flirt, dance, etc).
  • Career club (I usually have them meet somewhere that helps their career, like my politicians will meet at a cafe and one of their activities will be to give speeches).
  • Couples club (all those married couples you made?  Put them in a club with their spouse and have them meet at a lounge.  Have them do romantic activities ONLY with their club member (their spouse).  Then when your sim goes out?  It’ll be like other sims are on dates.)
  • And so on……the idea is to have clubs meeting at every community lot and doing things so it looks active when your sim goes to visit.

Before you leave the household, use the relationship cheat or MCCC to make friends, enemies, and lovers.  You’ll want to make sure all household members have high friend (or romantic) levels so they will interact with one another at community lots.  Make sure your club members are friends for the same reason.

Once you’re done setting everything up, save and exit your game.

Copy/paste the contents of your save folder into a folder titled something like “Base Populated Save”.  

Delete the contents of your tray folder (sims are already placed and you made a copy of the contents anyways in step 2).

Go back into the game and place your active sim wherever and enjoy your unique and lively world!

Side note:  If you get bored with your townies?  Just pop in a copy of that base world you created and go into household management (nothing else should be in your saves folder but this save).  Change the names and looks of your sims.  Change the genders, whatever.  Just don’t delete them!  That gives you new townies without having to set anything up.

Copy/paste this changed save into another folder labeled something like “Base Populated Save V2″.

Ask if you have any questions and sorry for the length of this, was trying to be as clear as possible.

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