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How to Recategorize CC

Recently, I went through my skin details and recategorized them so I could overlay them.  I put all my skins in the “mouth crease” category, all my cleavage enhancers went into the “forehead” category, all my scars went into the “freckles” category……and so on.

I thought you guys might like to know how to do this yourselves?  

I’m going to show you how using @luumia body hairs.  If you use these as is, then you won’t be able to use the full sleeve onto the chest tattoo’s that came with City Living since they are in the same category.

I’m going to move them to ankle because most of our Sim guys don’t have ankle tattoo’s.

  1. Download Sims 4 Studio (clicky click)
  2. Copy/Paste (so you don’t mess up the original) your package into a folder where you can find it easily.  Mine is in a “working CC folder” and then by the name of the package.
  3. Open the package with S4S and then navigate over to the categories tab.
  4. Under “outfit type”, select “tattoo leg, right”, then click on the “apply to all swatches” button.  Click “Yes” and “OK” in the popup windows.
  5. Scroll down to “save” and done!

Now you can move around all your skin details, tattoos, whatever so you can play around with overlaying them and creating unique looks.  You cannot have both packages in your game, CHOOSE ONE.

I suggest organizing them like mine are so you know what you have placed where.


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