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Runaways Legacy 3.765


Dani decides to go into the club house to use the observatory on the roof while Natalia goes to play pirates with some of her school mates who have arrived.

Inside, she runs into a familiar face who clearly doesn’t recognize her at first.

Dani:  “Sylas?”

Sylas:  “Do I know…..….Dani?  What happened to the little girl in pigtails?  You’re so beautiful.”

Dani laughing:  “I hope you’re not flirting with me. I have to tell you that it’s a waste of time.  I’m not interested in such nonsense.”

Sylas:  “What?  No…..uh….of course not….so uh……why not?”

Dani smiles at him:  “Because girls act like total idiots when they like a guy and I want no part of that.  I’m also busy with my experiments.  I don’t want any distractions.”


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