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Runaways Legacy 3.604


After they finish eating and cleaning up…….

Sera:  “Now that we’re done eating, there’s something we need to talk about.”

Shane feels his eyes crossing, he can sense a lecture coming from a mile away!

Brand:  “Something wrong with your eyes, son?”

Shane:  “No dad!”

Brand:  “I didn’t think so.  I had an interesting conversation with my boss today about something that happened at the park with Shauna……”

Shauna:  “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Brand:  “I didn’t say you did but in the future?  Do not talk to strangers and no more going to the park without an adult.  Alright?”

Shane and Shauna:  “Yes, dad.”


Just to remind everybody, Luciano told her his name is Antonio.  They don’t know it’s the same guy who has been following Sera around.  Far as they know, it was just some stranger that was chased off by the teen boys.  They have no reason for a longer discussion or to think anything of it.

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