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Setting up your save to control Vampires.

OK so I finally managed to get into my Runaways Legacy save and fixed things up for vampires.

You guys know that we did some extensive testing on how to KEEP THE VAMPIRES OUT OF YOUR HOMES.  I did that because people seem to think this completely stops the spawning of vampires.  I said it doesn’t in that post, I hope people paid attention to that part.

Anyways……this is what I did, if anybody wants to follow suit.

1 – I deleted all the EA premade vampires and made my own vampire family.

2 – I used the vampire cheats here to make the YA male a Grand Master Vampire.  The other vampires (teen to adult) all have the Master Vampire ranks.

3 – The Grand Master Vampire is the only one who can turn sims (give this vampire that reward using the cheat).  They all were given the sun resistant vampire reward (using the cheats).  This reward can only be given to master vampires on up.  I saw too many posts of NPC vampires dying in the sun, lol.  I don’t want my carefully created townie vampires dying!  None of them got the “eternally welcome” reward so they can’t enter homes.

4 – I used the debug cheat in the buy menu and placed a garlic bulb in each of my sims inventories.  Then I hung garlic from their doors.  I also added the “private” lot trait.

All this was done so that I have control of my story!  I don’t like when EA dictates to me how I should play my game.  This gave me control of the vampires back.

It is important to note that vampires WILL BITE YOUR SIMS (but won’t turn them) out in the town.  Guru Ninja told me that in a PM.  So….stick that garlic in their inventories and they will be left alone.

Hope this helps somebody so they can enjoy the GP and have control of those vampires.  

Please reblog for those who want more control of the vampires.  Thanks!

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