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Runaways Legacy 3.199


Sitting down on the porch, they’re silent for a moment.  Brad knows his daughter well and knows she will talk when she’s ready.

Evi:  “Dragus keeps telling me that he loves me.”

Brad:  “And that’s a bad thing because?  You don’t love him back?”

Evi:  “No…yes….I don’t know.”

Brad:  “If you’re not sure then maybe you should move out till you are, being together is just confusing the issue.”

Evi frowns at the thought of moving out and leaving Dragus and Daniella.

Evi:  “No!  That’s the last thing I want, dad.”

Brad just smiles because he already knew that but he had wanted her to say it.

If you’d like to read the Caleb & Sophie Story from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

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