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Chaisson Legacy 2.396


Boys:  “MOM!! DAD!!! Monsters!!  There are monsters under our beds!”

Remington:  “Boys, don’t wake up…..”

Mercy follows them upstairs and pastes a fake smile on her face.  She is getting pretty tired of being woken up every single night because of these “monsters”.  Remington works nights so he hasn’t had the pleasure of these nightly visits.

Remington:  “I feel like an idiot spraying water on a bed.”

Mercy whispers:  “Just do it so we can sleep, tomorrow we will buy a nightlight and tell them it’s got special powers that keeps monsters away.”

Rhys hugs his dad for saving him from the horrible monsters.


If you’d like to read the Chaisson Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

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