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Chaisson Legacy 2.393


Mercy knows that Remy is very resistant to the idea of a new sibling, especially a sister.  So, when she feels the baby kicking she invites him to feel it.

Mercy:  “Remy, sweetie.  Would you like to feel the baby kicking?”

Remy:  “Really?”

Mercy:  “You’ll be the first one, that makes you really special to her.”

Remy:  “I….I’m…first to feel the baby kick?  You said….her?”

Mercy:  “Um…..hmmm….I did.”

Remy:  “Oh wow!  MOM!  I felt her kick my hand.  I’m going to be the best big brother ever.  I’ll even play dolls with her and everything.”

Mercy auto-invited him to feel the baby, she must have known he needed the extra attention to be OK with getting a sibling.

If you’d like to read the Chaisson Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

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