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Chaisson Legacy 2.232

A few days later……

The exchange student arrives, his name is Joaquin Castillo.  Adelaide is so excited about having somebody with a connection to Spanish royalty in her home that she can’t stop smiling.  She’s imaging the women in her social circle gnashing their teeth and throwing their hands up in envy.


Adelaide getting straight to business:  “So, I understand you’re in line to the Spanish throne?”

Nicholas:  “Sweetheart, how about we make sure he’s comfortable before grilling him about his family?”

Elizabeth and Matthew just sit and smile, they know not to get in their mother’s way when she’s “socializing”.

Nicholas:  “Is this your first time in this country?”

Joaquin:  “No, sir.  I attended a private boarding school here when I was younger.”

Nicholas:  “That explains your excellent use of our language then.”


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