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Sidney & Forrest 1.93

Richard:  “Hi!  I’m Richard Tucker.  My dad saw your moms’ vagina.”

Mckinley:  “What…..!?!”

Richard:  “My dad is a doctor, he’s the one that delivered you at the hospital right after my mom had me.”

Mckinley:  “Oh.  My mom almost died because of your dad.”

Richard:  “Oh yeah, he got a little carried away because of the laughing gas.”

Mckinley:  “I don’t think you should tell other people about your dad seeing my moms’ private parts.  My dad might get mad.”

Richard:  “But it’s a natural part of the life process, why would he get mad?  I’m going to be a doctor someday just like my dad.”

Mckinley:  “So you’re smart, like me?”

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